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Internet in Madras, Oregon

High Speed Internet in Madras, Oregon 97741

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Sureline Broadband started offering Broadband Internet and telephone service in Madras, Oregon in February of 2013. Before that time, the residents of the city had few options, and the rural ranchers--even fewer options--often resorting to slow and very strict data caps. Sureline Broadband was able to offer Broadband speed internet, capable of simultaneously transporting multiple signals, and not be bogged down by usage. Madras is a rural area, and a challenging location to serve Broadband Internet and phone/VoIP services to, because of the geography. Deep canyons, terrain, and distance between residences, created a challenge, and for those of us that live, work, and enjoy our outdoors, consumers were left with very limited choices. Engineering 14 different towers in Madras--and growing--allowed us to serve just about all of the population; 6,046 residents. Our coverage area covers 3046 square miles and in Madra,s starts at the Deschutes river to the North ( a fly fisherman dream river), covers agency plains to the west, and all the way to the Cities of Metoloius and Culver, and of course everything in between. We have grown significantly, and now cover all the way to La Pine, Sisters, and Prineville.

Sureline Broadband wanted to bring to the area where we too, live and enjoy all of the outdoor adventures Central Oregon has to offer, the opportunity for advanced high speed internet to Madras and the surrounding areas. We also wanted to support our agricultural community in the rural areas, all while supporting our local economy.

Sureline Broadband provides both residential and business internet in Jefferson County--including internet in Madras, Culver, Metolius, Warm Springs, and Camp Sherman.